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Wendy Ferraro is a certified kids yoga instructor and a Holistic Health Coach for kids and families. She has a background in education and has taught nutrition/natural living on an organic farm for the past 10 years. Oh and not to mention she has managed 3 Farmers' Markets, she is always keeping busy! These are Wendy's true passions and she only hopes to pass their importance on to her students.
Working with kids has only made Wendy realize how smart and able they are to try new things and learn quickly. It is one thing to be a yoga instructor, but to teach it to kids takes certain skill, patience, and creativity!
By combining all of her true passions and abilities, Wendy has created Little Shanti Yoga, yoga just for kids! With our hectic schedules, it is important to find time for things that will keep us healthy and balanced. Little Shanti Yoga allows you to fit in a little "me" time for your kids so that they can get to know their bodies and take a second to relax, breathe, and focus their minds. Physical practice, games, meditation, and breathing exercises are all included in the classes. Kids will feel empowered and they will grow in strength, both physically and mentally with yoga. The benefits are endless.
Certified Subs and Teachers:
Faith Kaufman
Faith is certified to teach kids yoga from Naturally Yoga in Glen Rock, NJ and Karma Kids Yoga in NYC.  Faith is a mom of 3 daughters who used to practice law.  Once having kids, Faith became a kids yoga teacher in order to combine her love of yoga and children.  She believes that yoga can help kids have a calm and balanced mind and body.  Faith's classes incorporate playful and creative ways for kids to exercise and explore their mind, body, spirit and lean about yoga.  The use of animated poses, stretches  and games promotes strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.  She also practices breathing and visualization to teach the kids to focus, relax and develop self control in a non-competitive environment.  Yoga is supposed to be FUN and through stories, games, songs and poses the kids will learn to love yoga!
Raphaelle Wirstrom
Raphaelle received her certification to teach yoga back in 2003 at the Sivananda Ashram in California, but took a break when she started her family. (Her boys are now 6 and 8.) As fate would have it, one sunny day her younger son came home from preschool with a few yoga poses that he had learned from his teacher. It was that moment that she realized the benefits that yoga can have on children.  She was inspired to resume her yoga practice and from there, she went on to get her Children’s Yoga Teacher certification from Yoga Synthesis.  Yoga has provided her with much peace and happiness, both in body and in spirit. She is honored to be able to share yoga with others. Her children’s classes are full of fun and incorporate breathing and postures with songs and games to instill body awareness and coordination, as well as increased focus skills and self esteem.  Her hope is that through yoga education we can give our children tools to living a good and happy life, a life that will support and enhance the world they live in.
Lulu Orrok-Cassese
Throughout my life I have had a passion for yoga and bodywork. I am a mom of 3 awesome kids and have a background in massage therapy. After learning of my daughters' interest in yoga I began practicing with them and quickly realized how much fun I was having. I decided to take it a step further and became certified to teach children's yoga at Yoga Synthesis with Judy Levin. My classes allow kids to have fun with yoga through games, songs and stories as well as breath work and relaxation. With my love for kids and yoga I hope to instill confidence, self love and a happy heart. Namaste
Meet our Intern:
Stephanie Katz
Stephanie has been a certified yoga instructor through Karma Kids Yoga NYC since June. Currently she is studying Exercise and Sport Science at UNC Chapel Hill with the aspiration to become a pediatric occupational therapist. Working with children has always been one of her passions. This summer she has been working with special needs children at Camp Shalom as a Group Assistant. In past years Stephanie has been a children’s art teacher and after school tutor. Yoga has always been a part of her life after being diagnosed with scoliosis in middle school and seeing the way it has helped her body. She hopes to expose kids of all ages how fun and playful yoga can be while helping their minds and bodies flourish.
Reviews and Testimonials:
"Yoga is my favorite subject!" Upper Nyack Elementary Kindergartener

"I just had to tell you. I think Lilly was in yoga withdrawal today. Instead of napping she did yoga in her crib for about 10 min!! It was so cute." Cheryl 
"My daughter participates in yoga with Wendy at her preschool and absolutely LOVES it!! She looks forward to yoga sessions and carries the techniques Wendy teaches with her...at home she practices calming breaths and 'cool' yoga moves. Wendy has such a way with the kids that she makes yoga fun while teaching them to be healthy and make good choices." - S. Smith
"I overheard RJ telling his uncle that yoga is so relaxing!! Scorrrrrre! He didn't realize it would be such a challenge, but you make him laugh and he's having fun! And when we got in the car today he said, "This is like the best Mother's Day ever!" Thank you so much for that." - Daphnee
"Both my daughters attended 2 sessions at the Westwood Library & loved it!" - Pam
My daughter & I attend a mommy and me yoga class facilitated by Wendy. It's such a great opportunity for my daughter and I to bond as well as teach her self-discipline and I, gladly, get a45 minute yoga session. A win-win for all :-) I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone searching for a yoga class for kids. She really is awesome & keeps the kids engaged. Priceless!!!" - Marisa
"Thank you - our troop had a wonderful time tonight!" - J. Lima
"Miss" Wendy was awesome! To keep 8/9 year olds engaged and eager for the next position was beyond my expectations. Even the wild ones were calmed! I would definitely recommend! - S.Reardon
"My 2 year old has gone to two of your classes at The Valley School. From one class to the next, I could not believe how much she absorbed and how engaged she was. Wendy, you do a fantastic job at keeping the kids interested and adapting to their needs. We've truly enjoyed our experience so far and look forward to taking more classes with you!" - A. Maniscalco
"My son, who is three years old, has been going to All About Me in Cresskill, NJ for a year. I knew they had a Yoga program but Jayden never talked about the class, until Wendy started teaching it. When I went to pick him up from pre-school on the first day Wendy taught the class, he didn't stop talking about how much fun it was. He was showing my husband and I all the moves that she had taught them. He was ecstatic and told us "Ms. Wendy's class was the best!" I have been planning Jayden's birthday party, which is at the end of August, he requested to have Ms. Wendy! Who knew a three old could actually enjoy Yoga!?? She's awesome!!!" - J. Brown
"Right when Wendy met us outside of her lovely home with a big smile, we knew we were in good hands. My daughters and I take a mommy and me class with Wendy. It is wonderful. Her home studio is a perfect place, so comfortable and welcoming. Wendy also has an outdoor space that is breathtaking. It even has its own creek! We cannot wait to take a yoga class outside. My daughter's called it a "fairy land". I think it is so important as a mother of two daughters to teach children how to respect their bodies and the world around them. Especially in this busy world, to stop, breath and be present. Wendy teaches all of this and more. She exudes happiness and is great with kids. My daughters are doing cat and cow pose in the kitchen! My daughters also had such a wonderful time coloring the yoga pictures Wendy had ready for them before our session. We are new to yoga and Wendy made us so excited to learn more! We cant wait to go back!" Sincerely, Maureen (mom), Julia (4) and Nadine (2)
"Great instructor. Love the way she incorporates a book with movement. She keeps the kids engaged. They love the yoga class and keep asking to go again."-Director at Stony Point Library, NY
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  • Certified Kids Yoga Instructor (kids 2-18)
  • Certified in Yoga for Special Needs
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Mindfulness Educator
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Insured
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